Fastoche is a small Winnipeg business selling child management software.

This bilingual, mobile-first website was made using a combination of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, and PHP.

Not only did I create this website, but also a help portal which includes tutorial videos on the software, and I helped develop the child management software itself.

Feel free to look through the tutorial video’s for a better look at what the software does. I developed a number of features for the software including:

• check-in / checkout
• behavioural / incident reporting
• automated emailing and generation of PDF reports
• calendars for scheduling
• staff staging, with draggable lists for easy sorting
• medication notifications
• and more…

Developing this software required a combination of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery-Mobile, MobiScroll, FPDF, MySQL, and PHP.