Lead Tracker


Lead Tracker is a free lead tracking tool that anyone can use while making sales-calls.

This mobile friendly website was made using a combination of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP and CodeIgniter (MVC framework).

This mobile-first site features a secure registration / login system which implements data encryption, as well as a two-step authentication system. Upon registration, users receive a verification email, with a verification link they must follow, to confirm they are using an authentic email address to register.

Feel free to login using demo@fakemail.com and demo as your password, to try this free software now!

After logging in you will see a list of leads; these leads are sorted by lead-status. At the top of the list you will see all leads with a status of “call-back” and a call-back date scheduled for today or in the past. Below that are upcoming scheduled call-backs for the next 7 days and below that leads which have not yet been called or scheduled for a call-back.

Any leads with a status of “do-not-call” or “closed” will be hidden by default. The filter toggles at the top of the leads page can be used to hide / show any leads with this status.