Universal Gaming


This is a custom e-commerce solution for a fictional online video game store. The site was made as a group project for which I was chosen, by my group, to be the team leader. It was not made using any existing CMS, every part of the site from the front-end to the back-end was all custom coded.

To view the checkout process without having to register, login using the username ‘test@hotmail.com’ and ‘password’ as your password.

Although the website only saves the last 3 digits of any Credit Card and actual money not withdrawn, we recommend you use a fake credit card for the checkout process! Just select Visa from the dropdown, enter ‘4111111111111111’ as your cardnumber, use ‘333’ as your CVV, and then enter a month and year such as ‘0430’ (or any future date).

You can also log into the ADMIN SIDE with the username ‘admin@universalgames.ca’ and ‘admin’ as your password.

The admin side features a custom CRUD to easily manage products, customers AND orders! Forms are protected against cross-site submissions by the use of hidden form values, information submitted is escaped to protect against SQL Injection and login information is protected using SALT Encryption. Both the front and back ends were custom built using a combination of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

Because this site is live, please be respectful. Thanks!

Please note: If you are creating a new user to log into the site, anyone viewing this sites admin side will have access to the information entered.