An Edmonton Based Vape Shop Sees Substantial Growth In Online Sales


We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Vapour Choice for many years. When they enlisted our help, the website consisted of only one page and received almost no traffic.

Since that time we have worked closely together to dramatically increase targeted, buyer-ready traffic to the site, in what is an incredibly competitive business. Vapour Choice now have an advanced e-commerce website, which has become an invaluable sales tool and part of their business. Not only have we seen huge growth in traffic each year – by utilizing conversion funnels, social media logins, and other methods we are seeing extremely high conversion rates.


  • The vaping market is incredibly competitive – some would say on-par with that of tobacco or pharmaceuticals.
  • Due to the nature of the industry (tobacco), many routes of advertising were off limits to us, a major one being PPC (Pay Per Click).
  • Because of the legal grey area vaping resides in we were not able to use traditional payment gateways (ie: PayPal).


  • Not only do we rank well for very competitive keywords, using advanced keyword research methods we were able to find an abundance of high-traffic and low-competition keywords.
  • To overcome difficulties with traditional payment gateways, we customized a checkout system which accepts e-transfers.
  • Because Google and other avenues of advertisement have strict guidelines on advertising anything related to tobacco, our best course of action was traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


  • Developed a new website with a sleek and engaging modern design.
  • Includes full eCommerce functionality.
  • Because more than half of internet traffic come from mobile devices, this website was built with a mobile-first approach; everything is mobile responsive and works on all screen sizes.
  • To more easily track product inventory and profits, we integrated the website with their in-store POS (Point Of Sale) system, syncing inventory & sales across both.
  • Conversions optimized through the use of related products, up-sells, social media integration (including login for checkout), abandoned cart cart emails system, sales pages, wish lists, special offers, and more.
  • Using heat mapping technology, to see what people are clicking and how far down on pages they are scrolling, we optimize conversion funnels.
  • Advanced call tracking software, combined with virtual phone numbers, allow us to track both on and offline conversions for any type of marketing campaign.
  • Onsite Optimization – page-by-page optimization of all ranking factors on the website.
  • Aggressive but strategic SEO outreach campaign to boost rankings and increase traffic (month after month).