Why is it important that our business has a blog?

Having a blog these days is crucial to almost any online business for two very important reasons:

  • Being able to speak knowledgeably about your niche adds to your credibility.
  • Blogs allow you to target long-tail searches, with high-traffic, which you may not be able to properly target with traditional business pages.

What to blog about? That is the question.

Finding an interesting topic that people are searching for can be tough, but luckily there are lots of ways to do it.

If you went to Google right now and searched “how to find a blog topic” you would find great tips, which we will summarize here for you quickly, but almost all of these articles are missing one of the best (and fastest) methods of finding blog topics! Before I tell you what the best way is, lets take a look at some of the more common ways.

Here are 6 of the most common ways to think of a blog topic.

1. Find eBooks in your niche

Boring! This advice is as straight forward and dull as it sounds – most likely the people who give this advice are pushing to sell you an ebook. As much as I like reading, this is probably the worst common advice I see for finding a blog post – reading though 10+ ebooks.

2. Ask Quora

Chances are you are already familiar with Quora – it is a platform where you can ask a question and people will answer it to the best of their abilities. Here are some simple steps you can take to find a new blog topic using Quora:

  • Make a list of terms\keywords associated with your niche
  • Enter each of those keywords in the Quora search box
  • Go through the conversation and discussions that pop up
  • Highlight parts of the discussion which you feel you could write about
  • Write an awesome blog post on the content you highlighted, and bask in your readers appreciation

3. Tap into social media groups

  • Decide on the social media platform you feel most comfortable with
  • Search for groups where your target audience hangs out
  • Search for keywords related to your niche in those groups
  • Go through the conversations and discussions that pop up to find topics that you can write about

4. Blog comments

  • Find popular blogs in your niche
  • Read their latest blog posts
  • Go through their comment section and write down the consistent queries people are talking about. Then choose the blog topics you haven’t covered before

5. Do the opposite of everyone else

There are some blog topics which have already been done to death, but maybe you can breathe new life into a dead topic by doing the opposite of everyone else! IE if everyone is writing about “10 ways to lose that stubborn belly fat” maybe instead you would go for “10 ways that will NOT lose that belly fat”.

6. Leverage BuzzSumo

This is quite a good one! BuzzSumo helps you to find the most shared content and biggest influencers within a niche – this is great for staying on top of trends.

So what is the best way to find blog topics?

There are two things wrong that all of these methods have in common:

  • They take effort (we want to work smarter, not harder!)
  • They aren’t Google.

No one wants to read eBooks, stay up-to-date on trends, or browse internet comment sections (oh god!). And if you decide to put in the effort (ugh!) to find blog topics these ways, how do you know if they are things people are really searching for? Of course no one knows what people are searching for better than Google, if only Google would just tell you! What is that?…. THEY DO?!

You may have noticed that every time you go to Google and search for something, Google will attempt to ‘auto-complete’ your query, by offering their search suggestions below. These search suggestions are the most commonly searched phrases in relation to what you are entering.

It can’t be that easy, can it?! It’s even easier!

Your pals over here at Andrich Media have created a tool you can use to easily get the search suggestions related to any search query – simply go to our Keyword Suggestion Tool and enter anything you would like the related suggestions for.

We hope that these suggestions and our tool will help you find your next hot blog topic. As an example of our tool in action, we entered vaping and below you will see the results!


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