First of all, what is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source software media center, allowing you to access all kinds of content including video and music. If it is on the internet, you can stream it instantly using Kodi.

How to install Kodi with Yoda (previously Exodus)

A step-by-step guide

1. Go to Kodi’s download page ( and select your operating system:

2. In this guide we selected the 32-bit installer with Chrome. You should see the download at the bottom of your window, open it up and follow the prompts to install.

03. Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Kodi and your screen should hopefully look like this!

Of course installing Kodi is not very useful unless we install a Video Add-On! Here are the steps to take to install the Yoda Video Add-On:

1. Select Settings (the cog in the top left)

2. Select File Manager

3. Select Add Source

4. Select None

5. Type the following EXACTLY and select OK

6. Highlight the box underneath marked enter a name for this media Source and type sup then click OK

7. Go back to the home screen and select Add-Ons from the left hand menu (you can go back a screen by either clicking the text in the top left corner, which in thise case is File Manager, or by pressing the backspace key)

8. Select Browser (icon in the top left that looks like a box)

9. Select Install from zip file.

10. You may get a dialogue box saying the installation of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled (if you don’t then you can ignore this step) – just click on Settings, turn this option on, click yes in the confirmation, then backspace to get to the previous screen, and NOW you can click on Install From Zip File.

11. Select sup

12. Select

13. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification (it appears in the top right corner and was too fast to screenshot – usually takes about 30 seconds but varies based on internet connection)

14. Select Install from Repository

15. Select supremacy

16. Select Video add-ons

17. Select Yoda

18. Select Install

19. Wait for Add-on installed notification… CONGRATULATIONS YOU’VE DONE IT!!!

Now How Do I Use This?!

To get to the video add-on you must first return to the home screen, either by clicking the text in the top left corner to go back or by pressing backspace 5 times – you should now be at the homescreen. From here, go to Add-ons on the left hand menu and select Yoda. YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN, YOU ARE DOING GREAT! I think from this point you should be okay, just find what you want to watch and click on a source!

How Do I Make The Movie Full Screen?

By pressing ALT + ENTER on the keyboard you can make Kodi fullscreen and also make it go back.

UPDATE: If you have updated to the latest version of Kodi you press \ (backspace) to toggle fullscreen.

What Is A VPN And Should I Be Using One?

A VPN encrypts your data before it goes to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you have ever used torrents / downloaded movies before, you have probably got a copyright notice from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) – a VPN would hide you from prying eyes and you would no longer have to worry about that. Most VPN’s not only secure your identity but you can even reroute your traffic through different countries, unlocking features on websites that may be country specific (like YouTube not allowing Canadians to watch certain videos).

Currently you do not need a VPN in order to use Kodi (in all my years of using Kodi I have not gotten a single copyright notice), but because of stricter internet laws the United States is attempting to force onto Canada the simple act of streaming content could become a punishable offense and it is best to preemptively start protecting yourself.

PIA ( is a very reliable and well-known VPN, costing only $39.95 per year (cheaper if you buy a longer subscription).