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First of all, congratulations on deciding to take action! One of the few gaurantees in online business is that if you do not take action you will not succeed. We at Andrich Media will want to know a lot about you and your business before we start working together, so it would only be fair that I tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Lucas Andrich and I am president of Andrich Media, a Winnipeg Web Design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. Before starting Andrich Media I was a top sales person at several high-level SEO & PPC Agencies in London England. Having learned the ins-and-outs of SEO, I decided to move back home where I completed courses in web development from both Red River College and University Of Winnipeg.

Since then I have had one singular goal – to help grow local Winnipeg businesses by designing amazing websites and using SEO abilities to generate leads for those businesses VIA ranking highly in Google search. Because we are a small agency, every client gets our personal attention. We work closely and build relationships with our clients, consistently going above & beyond expectations.

Modern Web Design

Each of our websites are built using the latest CMS (Content Management Software), incorporate a modern responsive design that works on all devices and screen sizes, follow all branding guidelines, and are hosted on reliable servers!

Friendly Support

Because we are a small website design agency, every customer gets our personal attention! We build strong relationships with our clients and will work closely with you through every step of the website development process, continuing to support you even after the site is launched.

Increased Growth

Whatever your goal is, whether that is increased sales or customer awareness, let us help you achieve it! Using SEO and other advanced digital marketing techniques, your website will become your number one marketing tool. We consistently make our clients a positive ROI!

Web Design

We pride ourselves on helping Winnipeg companies by not just creating amazing websites but by designing websites that capture who you are as a business. When customers visit your website it is important that they not only understand who you are but also what you are about, at a glance. This is why we incorporate something unique to each business, into the site, to capture who they are and the image they represent.

Each website is built using the latest in web design technologies, both on the front and back-ends. Our websites are designed to be elegant and easy to navigate. Because the majority of website visitors come from mobile devices, every website incorporates a mobile-first, responsive design which looks great on all screen sizes.

Because our websites are designed using WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world which more +30% of all websites in existence are built with, managing your website will be a breeze!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your websites rankings in Google, for the keywords customers are searching, which leads to an increase in traffic.

Most people mistakenly think that just by making a website they will get more business – but this is simply not true. Without proper SEO, search engines will deem your website unimportant, and no one will find you. If SEO is done properly you will not only increase your traffic, but you will improve the quality of the traffic you are getting, even in the case of already well-established websites receiving traffic.

We work closely with our clients not only so that you understand our process, but so that we understand your business, allowing us to do the best job possible. With our help you will gain a new understanding of Search Engine Optimization.


An Edmonton Based Vape Shop Sees Substantial Growth In Online Sales.

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Vapour Choice for many years. When they enlisted our help, the website consisted of only one page and received almost no traffic.

Since that time, we have worked closely together to dramatically increase targeted, buyer-ready traffic to the site, in what is an incredibly competitive business.

Vapour Choice now have an advanced e-commerce website, which has become an invaluable sales tool and part of their business. Not only have we seen huge growth in traffic each year – by utilizing conversion funnels, social media logins, and other methods we are seeing extremely high conversion rates.


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